Action Videos

On this page I put together – for easy access- all the action videos of the lures I am currently building. You’ll find short videos presenting the lures in real life conditions and worked in different manners – relevant to the specific lure model, of course: i.e. in case of a swimbait you will see some Stop and Go retrievals, slow retrievals, burning, twitching while retrieving, some pulls, such kind of things.

I tried to make videos which focus on the actual lure’s action. This is in fact exactly what I want and expect to see myself, when watching such a video.
No comments, no boats full of high-tech gizmos, no 10min videos with just a few seconds of actual lure footage. A couple of lure shots and the lure’s action, plain and simple and no wasted time.

Just watch the videos and I am sure you will easily decide whether a certain lure fits you. You know your waters and you know better what you need. After all, it’s just a matter of common sense.

The tackle used while filming is average, normal tackle. Nothing fancy or expensive. Rods and reels you can find in almost any tackle business, for reasonable prices. The sinking lures are not painted but just as they come off after casting and epoxy topcoated. The resin being white, it helps a lot with the visibility. Be a sport and don’t expect Hollywood quality. I did my best. If you have any questions or suggestions just contact me.

Best seen in HD. Enjoy and tight lines, Gabriel Turcan


Shudder Shad 160 Swimbait

Shudder Pike 185 Swimbait


Cruiser Perch 140 Glider

Cruiser Pike 160 Glider

HiBack Shad 110 Glider

Diver Pike 180

HiBack Perch 110 Glider


Zag Trout Topwater

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