Shudder Tail Shad 160 Swimbait

Colors Natural, Silver, Albino, Golden
Weight 70gr | 2.5oz
Size 165mm | 6 1/2in
Filed in Crankbaits
RATE slow sinking

The Shudder Tail Shad is a slow sinking double jointed swimbait with a very strong kicking tail action. It has the same action a soft plastic bait has.

Nevertheless, the Shudder Shad’s tail kick is noticeable faster and dislodges up to 50% more water than their soft plastic counterparts of similar size. Furtherore, it swims true at any speed and is built to last.

  • handmade in Germany
  • super strong biresin body, 100% watertight
  • real through wire construction with Ø 1,6mm | 0.062″ SS between the line eye and the front treble eye.
  • the twin hinges and the back treble eye are casted in place
  • the twin hinges are made of Ø 1,2mm | 0.047″ SS
  • one at a time, pressure casted at 60PSI
  • primed with industrial grade primer
  • airbrushed and brush painted
  • coated with 3 thick layers of hi-gloss marine grade epoxy
  • real glass bulged hand-painted “look alive” eyes
  • US made Rosco SS 4H 36,4 Kg | 80Lbs splitrings
  • japanese made 2x Gamakatsu Bronze 13B trebles, size 1/0
  • hand-signed and numbered
  • action tested
The basis for designing the Booty Shakers’ action was the minimal action concept one encounters when fishing soft plastic lures. This tail concentrated action is one of the most effective action out there.

Our intention was to get rid of the drawbacks soft plastic lures have while preserving the effectiveness of their action.

Therefore, this bait will sink almost horizontally, will kick faster and instantly, will dislodge more water and, having a very solid body, they will last indefinitely.

  • Vary your retrieval speed a lot.
  • Use a stop-and-go strategy.
  • Let it show its side at the end of a pull or retrieve. When stopped, a soft plastic lure will just sink or keep a straight line, but the Shudder will glide to one side for about a foot or so.
  • Even fished very slowly the tail will still kick strongly, so use this to your advantage and let it swim more in the hot zone.

These are rod, reel and line characteristics we found to work best for this particular model but they are not by any means absolute/strict values.







Casting 7′ Fast 3.5oz 25Lbs Ratio>5
Spinning 9′ Fast 3oz 20Lbs 4000
Please watch it in HD and fullscreen. Thank you!

Largemouth Bass, Stripped Bass, Snook, Northern Pike, giant Muskie, the south american Peacock Bass.
European Union w/o UK EUR 50 (incl. 19% VAT)
Norway & Switzerland EUR 42
UK GBP 40 (incl. 19% VAT)
Rest of the world* USD 53

Price does not include shipping

*Duty and taxes are the customer’s responsibility since I do not pre-collect import duties and taxes at the time of your order (please contact your local Custom’s Office for an estimate of these fees).

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