Diver Pike 180

Colors Northern, Juvenile, Tiger Musky
Weight 65gr | 2.3oz
Size 180mm | 7.5"
Filed in Divers
RATE floating

The Diver Pike is an easy-to-use, weighted, dive & rise jerkbait. It features a flat-sided body profile for increased flash and dives to 2meter (6 foot). It is an excellent trolling bait, too.


  • handmade in Germany
  • super strong biresin body, 100% watertight
  • real through wire construction with Ø 1,6mm | 0.062″ SS wire
  • one at a time, pressure casted at 60PSI
  • primed with industrial grade primer
  • airbrushed and brush painted
  • multiple epoxy top coats
  • 3D acryl handpainted and molded “look alive” eyes
  • US made Rosco SS 4H 36,4KG | 80Lbs splitrings
  • japanese made 2x Gamakatsu Bronze 13B trebles, size 2/0
  • casts like a bullet
  • fine fibbets tail, glued and then epoxied
  • hand-signed and numbered
  • tested
When pulled or trolled, the Diver Pike will swim in a straight line as it is supposed to. While diving it will show a consistent rolling action generating lots of flash.

It reaches a depth of 6foot effortlessly. It goes even deeper when trolled with 40+ yards of line. At stops it will rise very slowly with a subtle rolling allowing for the best possible presentation.

Despite its size, it is a light jerkbait which can be fished all day long.

  • In fall: reach your depth as soon as possible with a series of long rod pulls. Then work it slower.
  • When trolled: give it more than 30m | 33yds of line.
  • In the summertime: work it faster.
  • Nevertheless, its prime time is the spring when the big lunkers feed on the smaller pikes/muskies, in shallow waters.

These are rod, reel and line characteristics we found to work best for this particular model but they are not by any means absolute/strict values.







Casting 7′ Fast 3oz 20Lbs+ Ratio>5
Spinning 9′ Fast 3oz 20Lbs+ 4000
Please watch it in HD and fullscreen. Thank you!

Northern Pike, giant Muskie.
European Union w/o UK EUR 30 (incl. 19% VAT)
UK GBP 24 (incl. 19% VAT)
Norway & Switzerland EUR 25
Rest of the world* USD 32 (excl. tax)

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