The Zag Trout 150 Topwater

Colors Rainbow, Brown, Brook
Weight 70gr | 2.5oz including trebles
Size 150mm | 6"
Filed in Topwater
RATE floating

The Zag Trout is a cigar shaped topwater lure with a very consistent and wide walk-the-dog action. It is very easy to fish, built like a tank, casts like bullet, can be easily upgraded for saltwater fishing and can be used to target a large variety of game fish.

The Zag Trout will glide true even when fished with a steel leader AND braided line.

  • handmade in Germany
  • super strong biresin body, 100% watertight
  • handbended stainless steel wire profile
  • real through wire construction with Ø 1,6mm | 0.062″ SS wire
  • one at a time, pressure casted at 60PSI
  • primed with industrial grade primer
  • airbrushed and brush painted
  • coated with 3 thick layers of hi-gloss marine grade epoxy
  • 3D real glass, hand painted “look alive” eyes
  • US made Rosco SS 4H 36,4 Kg | 80Lbs splitrings
  • japanese made 2x Gamakatsu Bronze 13B trebles, size 2/0
  • casts like a bullet
  • it glides true even with a heavy steel leader
  • hand-signed and numbered
  • tested
First of: they are very easy to use so that anglers of any skill level will become proficient at using the Zags in a matter of minutes.

The Zags have a classic, walk-the-dog action. On the first tug with the rod tip, the Zag will glide easily two foot to one side. With another tug, it will move off a similar distance to the other side dislodging a huge ammount of water in the process. At the end of a glide it shows a subtle rocking action along its entire length “beating” the water with its tail.

Short, abbreviated tugs will give the Zag a tighter walk. With a bit of practice you can make it jump out of the water, mimicking a young trout feeding on flies.

  • In fall: let the bait glide to a full stop before making your follow up tug. This way you will get the maximum glide out of the Zag and you will attract the big lurkers sitting on the bottom. Work it slower. Deadstick it more often.
  • In case of followers: work it tight with short tugs. Don’t let them think twice.
  • In pike/musky free waters: get rid of the steel leader and you will get a 30% extra glide out of your Zag
  • Take it out offshore: it can be used and abused. Simply replace the stock trebles with permasteel SW trebles of similar size.

These are rod, reel and line characteristics we found to work best for this particular model but they are not by any means absolute/strict values.







Casting 6.6′ Fast 3.5oz 25Lbs Ratio>5
Spinning 8′ Fast 3oz 20Lbs 4000

We do recommend using a casting combo though…

Please watch it in HD and fullscreen. Thank you!

Largemouth Bass, Stripped Bass, Snook, Northern Pike, giant Muskie, the south american Peacock Bass and so on.
European Union w/o UK EUR 30 (incl. 19% VAT)
UK GBP 24 (incl. 19% VAT)
Norway & Switzerland EUR 25
Rest of the world* USD 32

Price does not include shipping

*Duty and taxes are the customer’s responsibility since I do not pre-collect import duties and taxes at the time of your order (please contact your local Custom’s Office for an estimate of these fees).

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